Shade to Light

Fine art painted by Dan Dollahon

1:57 PM


Posted by Dan Dollahon

This 48" x 84". Oil on canvas. This painting is an example of an imaginary landscape - composed of several different elements to create a certain look. In this case, an "old world" forest. I originally imagined a path through a densely wooded forest. Something dark and foreboding with a distant light suggesting a way out or "the light at the end of the tunnel". I started with the owl ( which I borrowed from artist Terry Isaac) and developed a sketch that is significantly different from the finished piece. As I was painting, I decided to add more plants and a boulder in the foreground, as well as a snake and a lizard (you have to look for it). I also decided to put a stream running across the path to add more interest and, of course, once you have a stream you have to have a deer on the other side. The end result ended up being less foreboding and more of a refuge or "sanctuary".


Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

AWESOME!!! Love the layout Dan! Way to go!!

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