Shade to Light

Fine art painted by Dan Dollahon

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Posted by Dan Dollahon

  "Solitude" 36" x 55". Oil on canvas, started with an idea - a scene - I had in my head where I knew I wanted a boy sitting by a stream. Something to convey a lazy day of daydreaming. On vacation in Colorado, I found the perfect setting and, using my son Wesley as the model, I took several pictures and combined the main photo with elements from another photo for the final scene. I also incorporated a section of a Maxfield Parrish painting for the background adding a slight "fantasy" feel.

   I have always admired the works of Maxfield Parrish, especially his "women on rocks" series and his landscapes, and so I did a little research into finding out what I could of his techniques in order to try to achieve the luminosity that his paintings are known for. Without going into too much detail, he would start with a cyan (blue) underpainting and add thin layers of oil glazes to get that "glow". So I did my blue underpainting and added my oil glazes and, while not achieving the same level of luminosity (or quality), nevertheless ended up with a satisfactory piece.


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