Shade to Light

Fine art painted by Dan Dollahon

9:50 AM

PawPaw's Deer

Posted by Dan Dollahon

   "PawPaw's Deer" Oil on canvas. The picture for this painting was taken at Granny and PawPaw's Colorado house. PawPaw would feed the deer right outside the front and back doors so they were very tame.   

   The original photo had the deer just outside the screen door and the "little house" in the back filled up the rest of the background. I thought the deer should be farther back plus I wanted greenery so I used another photo shot from the front door as reference.
   What drew me to this scene was the feeling of reverence and awe that little Victor seems to have for the deer. As he silently points, he turns to PawPaw and invites him to share this special moment.


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