Shade to Light

Fine art painted by Dan Dollahon

9:05 PM

Master painter dead at 91

Posted by Dan Dollahon

"one's art goes only as far and as deep as your love goes"

"it's a moment that I'm after, a fleeting moment but not a frozen moment"
Andrew Wyeth  7/12/1917 - 1/17/2009


TJ Greaney said...

Thank you for your art - I don't get how you do that - I mean I get art, I get the love of art and the beauty it can be - but I just don't get how you take blobs of liquid or jell color and put it together to look like that - it is amazing.
Thank you for allowing us to see what God has wispered to your heart and gifted you to express through your hads and eye.
God Bless....

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